Instant Messenger Source Trace This service allows you to trace the location of where an IM originated. Information may include city, state, country, and the possible zip code of the area.

Counter-Surveillance Sweep If you suspect that your vehicle, home, or office is being electronically monitored either by audio or video surveillance, do not contact us from any of the suspected or possible locations. In the event that you are being monitored, the parties involved will initiate measures to avoid detection. Use another cell phone other than your own to make the initial call to us. (SST reserves the right to withhold information if it is determined that you are under investigation by a city, county, state, or federal municipality.)

IP Address Trace Every computer that is logged on to the internet has an IP address that is used to identify it. The computer's city, state, and country's location can be determined from that address. IP addresses can be determined from emails and from websites that track their visitors.

People Finder Provides the most recent and past addresses of an individual located in a particular state. The year of birth must be submitted for an accurate return.

Reverse Email Address Search Will return the names associated with a specified email address.

Reverse License Plate Search Returns the name of the owner and address of where the vehicle is registered.

Website Background Check This search returns data in relation to the traffic such as page views, hits, as well as the web addresses of pages that are linked to it. You will also be provided with the dates and times of any changes along with copies of the changes.

IP Address Background Check This search conducts an intensive scan of the public internet for a list of possible user names, email addresses, websites, instant messenger names, and email accounts. This is a perfect tool for ferreting out stalkers or any individual that is sending harassing emails.

Instant Messenger & Email Illegal Access Trace This search will assist you in determining the IP address, city, state, and latitude and longitude of the computer that is illegally accessing your accounts or intercepting your email or instant messages.

Basic Background Check Gives the subjects name, aliases, date of birth, and a 20 year phone and address history.

General Background Check Provides the client with the subject's name, aliases, date of birth, 20 year phone and address history, nationwide bankruptcy search, nationwide judgments and liens search, property assessments, others listed at subject's address, possible associates, subject's possible relatives and their addresses and listed phone numbers, and non-pending court cases involving the subject.

Comprehensive Employment Background Check Includes the subject's name, aliases, date of birth, a 20 year address and phone history, nationwide bankruptcy search, nationwide judgments and liens search, nationwide real property search, property assessments, others listed at the subject's address, possible associates, possible relatives names and phone numbers, voter registration records, employment history from public records only, current neighbors names addresses and phone numbers, non-pending court cases involving the subject, Drug Enforcement Administration search, social security death index, professional licenses, Internet domain ownership (Exact matches only), corporate affiliations, UCC filings (business loans), aircraft ownership, vessels ownership, state criminal records search, and a nationwide criminal records search.



Vehicle History Report $16.99 Temporary Protection Order Search $37.99
Medical Professional Background Check $16.99 Correctional Department Search $6.95
Create Your Own Background Check $10.00 Nationwide Sex Offender Search $10.95
Nationwide Basic Background Check $29.95 State Criminal Database Search $11.95
Tenant Screening & Employment Background Check $29.95 Regional Criminal Database Search $13.95
Nationwide Expanded Background Check $49.95 Federal Criminal Database Search $15.95
Nationwide Elite Background Check $59.95 Nationwide Criminal Database Search $15.95
Canada Background Check $44.95 County Criminal Database Search $17.95
Assisted Living Nursing Home Background Check $44.95 U.S. Wants & Warrants Search $24.95
Ultimate Background Check $79.95 Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)-Terrorist Criminal Report $33.95
Florida Concentrated Background Check $79.95 On-site Countywide Criminal Database Search $39.95
Texas Concentrated Background Check $79.95 On-site State Criminal Database Search $49.95
Virginia Concentrated Background Check $79.95 Canadian Criminal Database Search $43.95
Minister/Pastor/Rabbi Background Check $99.95 National Criminal Profile Report $59.95
Pest Control Worker Background Check $89.95 Puerto Rico Criminal Database Search $49.95
Accountant/Financial Advisor Background Check $89.95 Global Criminal Database Search $159.99
Company Background Check $89.95 Expunged & Sealed Criminal Records Verification $119.99
Fiancé/Boyfriend Background Check $99.95 International Criminal Database Search $129.99
Handyman/Contractor Background Check $99.95 Africa National Criminal Database Search $119.99
International Background Check $120.99 Asian National Criminal Database Search $119.99
Elderly/Child Caregiver Background Check $169.95 Australia National Criminal Database Search $119.99
House Cleaning Lady Background Check $169.95 British Irish National Criminal Database Search $119.99
Comprehensive Standard Background Check $239.99 Caribbean Islands Criminal Database Search $119.99
Comprehensive Educator Background Check $339.99 Central America Criminal Database Search $119.99
Comprehensive Executive Background Check $449.99 Mexico Criminal Database Search $149.95
Comprehensive Venture Capitalist Background Check $449.99 Switzerland Criminal Database Search $187.95


IP Address Background Search $18.95 Tax Liens & Bankruptcy Judgments $18.95
Instant Messenger & Email Illegal Access Trace $18.95 Motor Vehicle Driving Records $12.95
Instant Messenger Source Trace $15.95 Marriage & Divorce Records $43.95
Website Background Check $58.95 Reverse Email Search $15.95
Satellite Photo Of Address Location Search $5.95 Reverse License Plate Search $19.95
Driver License Verification & History Search $34.95 Reverse Cell Phone Number Search $29.95
Political Party Affiliation Search $43.95 Reverse Landline Phone Number Search $17.95
Demographic & Average Income Search $12.95 Court Verdicts & Settlements $31.95
Terrorist/Prohibited Parties Search $8.95 Unlisted Cell Phone Number Search $29.95
Death Records Search $32.95 Unlisted Home Number Search $29.95
Basic People Finder Search $9.95 Partial Date Of Birth & First Name People Finder $39.95
Expert Assisted People Finder Search $49.95 Canadian People Finder Search $119.95
International People Finder Search $249.95 On-site Nationwide Civil Records Search $79.99
Professional License Search $9.95 Firearms Dealers License Search $9.95
Media Information Search $39.95 FAA Aircraft & Pilots Search $6.95
Federal Criminal & Civil Docket Search $39.95 Subject Possible Associates Search $9.95
Employment Verification $11.95 Education Verification $11.95
Credential Verification $24.95 Reference Check $8.95
Identity Verification $12.95 Social Security Number Verification $7.95


Proof Of Aircraft Ownership Search $14.95
Proof of Watercraft Ownership $24.95
Proof Of Real Estate Ownership $19.95
Mortgage Records Search $35.95

If you require a service or product that is not posted, please contact our knowledgeable sales team. We can create virtually any surveillance product that you can imagine within the scope of the laws governing the country in which you reside.

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